Daniel Snyder Withdraws His $50 Million Maryland Mansion from Market, Opting to Donate it to Charity

Tanya Snyder, wife of Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder, named  team's co-CEO | WRIC ABC 8News

Daniel Snyder Donates Maryland Mansion to American Cancer Society After Market Stalls

After struggling to sell his Potomac River mansion for over a year, Daniel Snyder has donated the property to the American Cancer Society.

Snyder, who sold the Washington Commanders eight months ago, purchased the initial portion of the estate in 2001 for $8.64 million. Over time, he expanded the property to 15 acres and completed the 30,000-square-foot mansion, “River House,” in 2004.

Originally listed for $49 million in February 2023, the price was reduced to $34.9 million after six months without a buyer. The listing was ultimately removed in March 2024.

The American Cancer Society acquired the property for $0 through their real estate arm, ACS Development Company I Inc., with plans to sell it and use the proceeds to fund their mission of supporting cancer patients and families.

This decision likely has tax benefits for Snyder. Donating the property allows him to claim a tax deduction for its appraised value, potentially reaching $45 million, while avoiding capital gains taxes he would have faced with a private sale.

Snyder’s wife, Tanya, is a breast cancer survivor and advocate. The American Cancer Society previously recognized her contributions with a “Mother of the Year” award in 2013.

This donation comes as Snyder reportedly resides in England and owns additional properties in Virginia and Colorado.