Dave Roberts believes Julio Urias has made a mental turn for the better

At the end of the weekend, Julio Uras of Mexico pitched a performance that was reminiscent of the Bulls’ time in the Los Angeles ninth, in a game that was broadcast. the Dodgers celebrated Fernando Valenzuela’s career by retiring his number 34.

Urrea earned his tenth victory of the season after pitching seven strong innings in the Dodgers’ victory over the Rockies. The left-handed Sinalone pitcher earned his third victory after giving up four hits, three runs, and striking out 12 opponents.

prior to tomorrow’s match

For the Dodgers to have the best chance of winning the World Series this season, left-hander Julio Urias must pitch like an ace, according to manager Dave Roberts. One of the top pitchers in Major League Baseball for the previous two seasons, Kulichi complied with his captain’s requests.

The Sinaloan pitcher tied his MLB best mark with 12 spectators.

Uras displayed some of his greatest stuff of the season in the first two innings, retiring six of the first seven batters and striking out half of them. Uras’ next two innings weren’t as successful, as he allowed Alan Trejo to hit a two-run home run in the fourth inning and Cole Tucker to hit a one-run shot in the third.

Urias observed an improvement in the control of his breaking balls and the velocity of his four-seamer.

In his final nine hitters he faced, Uras struck out eight of them. Since Tyler Anderson achieved it in October of the year before, the Mexican pitcher is the only Dodgers pitcher to pitch 10 innings without issuing a walk. In his last 18 innings of work, the Mexican pitcher has only allowed three earned runs.