Despite owning 30 supercars, French Montana still exclusively travels by private plane to save time

French Montana, the celebrated rapper known for his affinity for luxury, has once more caught attention with his unique travel preferences. Despite owning an impressive fleet of 30 supercars, the hip-hop icon chooses to forgo terrestrial transportation entirely, opting instead for the utmost in convenience and opulence: private air travel.


French Montana’s exclusive reliance on private air travel highlights his steadfast dedication to efficiency and time-saving convenience. Managing a demanding schedule that spans continents requires utmost flexibility, and the rapper spares no expense in ensuring he can transition swiftly and seamlessly between engagements.


While many would relish the opportunity to showcase their fleet of supercars, French Montana prioritizes practicality and efficiency above all else. By bypassing the constraints of road travel, he is able to maximize productivity and minimize downtime, allowing him to focus his energy on his music career and various entrepreneurial pursuits.

Reports indicate that French Montana’s preference for private air travel is not solely driven by convenience, but also reflects his appreciation for the unparalleled luxury and comfort that private jets afford. With amenities ranging from plush seating to gourmet catering, the private plane experience offers a level of opulence that complements French Montana’s lavish lifestyle.

As news of French Montana’s travel habits spreads, fans and followers are left in awe of his dedication to efficiency and his unapologetic embrace of luxury. While his fleet of supercars may gather dust in the garage, his decision to soar above the clouds in style serves as a testament to his status as a true icon of hip-hop extravagance.

French Montana’s preference for private air travel serves as a reminder that in the world of the rich and famous, time is the ultimate luxury. By choosing to fly high in the skies, the rapper continues to set the bar for unparalleled opulence and unparalleled convenience in the realm of celebrity travel.