Dwayne Johnson’s Jaw-Dropping $28M Mansion Gift Leaves His Mom in Tears

The wrestler-turned-actor made a wish come true for the woman who made him.

Over the weekend, Dwayne Johnson posted a picture of his newest role to Instagram, and it may be his finest to date.

The 46-year-old shared a video of the kind gift he gave his mother for Christmas, revealing his seasonal persona.\

It’s understandable why he said in the caption, “This one felt good.”

In the video, Ata, his 70-year-old mother, reads from a card informing her that she has recently been given a “golden ticket” good for something that causes her to cry happily and gasp.

“A surprise! purchased a new house for my mother for Christmas,” Johnson continued, accompanied by the footage.

Furthermore, it’s obvious that he values the kind gesture just as much as she did.

“As children, we grew up in small flats spread across the nation. lived nomadic like gypsies while traveling between states, the author wrote. “The house I bought for my parents in 1999 was the first place they ever lived. After being divorced roughly five years later, things became a little complex because life happens to everyone.

He has long assisted in keeping a roof over the heads of Rocky, his retired wrestler father, and Ata, but this one will be especially meaningful.

He stated, “I told her to treat this card like it’s ‘Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket,’ because it gives her the freedom to choose any home, anywhere she wants.”

A dream home is undoubtedly a significant present, but in Johnson’s eyes, it’s no greater than what Ata has given him.

“I believe that having a good mother gives you a good chance of becoming a decent person,” he wrote. “And somewhere along the way, I turned into one lucky SOB to be able to pull off things like this.”