Embark on a Journey of Luxury at Ice Cube’s Marina Del Rey Estate, Showcasing a Precious Wine Cellar Below

Ice Cube purchased the Marina del Rey property in April 2016 for $7.25 million, which actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme had previously put up for $10 million. In 2012, Jean-Claude Van Damme reportedly paid approximately $6 million for the property.

Los Angeles County is home to the little beachside community known as Marina del Rey. One of Los Angeles County’s unincorporated beachside villages is Marina del Rey, home to just under 10,000 people.





Built in 2011, the modern Marina del Rey estate is located next to the Grand Canal. The rapper owns a gorgeous custom 7,575 square foot contemporary home. The property is not truly in a remote location, as it is in close proximity to nearby residences, similar to other celebrity mansions in Los Angeles.

Situated right on a canal, the six-bedroom estate boasts views of the ocean. Ice Cube’s purchase represents one of the best buys in the Marina del Rey area, as the home has no nєgative aspects save the privacy issue.

R𝔲mor has it that Ice Cube bought the estate to use as a family holiday property with his wife. Their main property is around ten miles away, where they reside with their kids. They came here to spend time together uninterrupted and to get away from their kids.

Views of the canal that encircles the house are a feature of the three-story residence. When the canal’s reflection is visible at night, the house glows magnificently. High-quality, even imported materials were all used in the construction process.