Enjoy 400 square feet of luxury at Ludacris’ $10 million Ultimate Retreat in Bahamas Haven

Admire Ludacris’ $10 million Ultimate Retreat, featuring a 400 square foot bed in Bahamas Haven!

Ludacris recently reveled in the height of luxury when visiting the Ananda Estate in Eleuthera, The Bahamas. If his opulent holiday house proved too small at any point, a 400-square-foot raised daybed by the poolside beckoned, providing relief and picturesque vistas.

Our sources confirm that Ludacris spent at least a couple of evenings in this four-bedroom beachfront property, currently listed for a staggering $10 million or available for rent at $3,600 per night.

The estate provides an array of amenities, including an SUV, an ATV, two jet skis, and a private chef. It also boasts two relaxation areas, a sprawling daybed, and a recessed kitchen beside a grand Buddha fountain.

The crown jewel of the estate, a 50-foot infinity pool, captivated Ludacris, making it nearly impossible to leave its alluring waters.