Erling Haaland’s unique fashion sense takes center stage in Premier League record-breaking season

Erling Haaland certainly has a talent for scoring goals, but Daily Star Sport examines several questionable fitting to show that he doesn’t always have the same touch with clothing.

The giant Norwegian has already destroyed the history books, and Erling Haaland hasn’t even been in England for a year.

On Wednesday night, Haaland scored the game-winning goal against West Ham, his 35th Premier League goal of the year. But this season, it hasn’t only been his eye for goal that has been drawing attention. In addition to his destructive play and left foot like Thor’s hammer, the forward is well recognized for his eccentric attire.

Haaland has a wide range of clothing, from silk pajamas to dubious t-shirts, with a good dosage of blue shirts in between. The top striker for Manchester City is being evaluated by Daily top Sport for the ten finest matches.