Every known Anthony Davis tattoo

Every known Anthony Davis tattoo on the Lakers star’s bσdy

Anthony Davis is a star player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has a number of tattoos on his body. Davis usually wears a lot of different sports gear, so not all of them are easy to spot. Davis is an NBA star, so he has a lot of pictures that show some of his tattoos. Since Davis hasn’t talked much about his tattoos or shown them off, this list may be missing some.

Maybe the Lakers star has more sҽcret tattoos that the public has never seen. No matter what, here are all of Anthony Davis’s known tattoos.

Anthony Davis Tattoos

Grandfather Portrait

Davis always wears a compression shirt, so we can only see half of the tattoo of his late grandpa, Lamont Eberhardt.

Davis’s grandfather was very important to him. Davis talked about how they would talk about basketball all day in an interview in 2015. And, since Eberhardt is a huge Kobe Bryant fan, they would talk a lot about the great player. Above and below the picture are the words “REST UP, Champ.” Rest in peace is another way to say this. But the two of them also liked to call each other “Champ.”


Davis was born in the U.S. city of Chicago. So it was clear that he would get a tattoo to show where he is from. Anyone, not just NBA players, will always have a soft spot for his or her home town. So much so that when a big-name player like Davis becomes a free agent, experts quickly remember where the player is from because it’s likely that he’ll go back home. “Chicago” is written on Davis’s right arm, and “1993” is written below it to show his birth year.

Baby Girl  

Davis seems to like getting tattoos of faces. A picture of a baby girl with two flowers on her head is drawn on the inside of his left wrist. This little girl is Davis’s daughter with Brittney Davis. Her name is Nala. 


On the outside of his right wrist, on the other hand, there are the letters “N,” “A,” “L,” and “A.” From his wrist to his elbow, the tattoo goes up Davis’s arm. On top of the letter N is a small crown. That’s two tattoos of his daughter in total. Little is known about the personal life of the seven-time All-Star. But it’s safe to say that Davis loves her baby girl a lot.

Stars and Doves

The “NALA” tattoo is surrounded by several stars and doves.