Explore Taylor Swift’s Car Collection, from a Pink Chevrolet to a Black Cadillac Escalade

When it comes to cars, Taylor Swift has a wide range of motors that she fancies. Here are some of the most intriguing cars in her garage.

2007 Chevrolet Silverado  -$200,000

Chevrolet Silverado nicely Lifted Truck

Do you recall when Taylor Swift embodied the country-girl-next-door image? Her pink Chevrolet, a gift from Big Machine Records on her 18th birthday, was said to be her very first car, perfectly complementing her media persona. Eventually, Taylor generously donated it, adorned with her signature, to Victory Junction Gang, a charity for children, contributing to fundraising efforts for those battling terminal illnesses.

Audi R8 – $300,000

Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift: Cruising The Town: Photo 331331 | Taylor  Lautner, Taylor Swift Pictures | Just Jared Jr.

Taylor Lautner driving a new white Audi R8 as he leaves Alice & Olivia  boutique on Robertson Blvd after doing some shopping Stock Photo - Alamy

The Audi R8 garnered recognition following its feature in the popular video game Need For Speed. Although it’s unclear whether the Audi R8 belonged to Swift or her then-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, the two young celebrities were seen cruising together in a white R8.

Porsche 911 Turbo – $300,000

Amidst all the excitement surrounding the Porsche 911, Taylor Swift seized the opportunity to take the wheel herself. The superstar was seen in this car alongside her then-partner, Taylor Lautner, and they appeared to relish the experience. The sports car boasts a 3.7-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine, generating more than 500 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque.

Ferrari 458 Italia – $500,000

This Ferrari 458 Italia shines even brighter than Taylor Swift’s iconic red lipstick. Renowned as one of the most exquisite Ferraris ever crafted, this classic model embodies design and engineering principles akin to those utilized in F1 racing. Its heart beats with a 4.5-liter V8 engine, delivering an impressive 562 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG – $215,000

The G63 AMG allows Swift to tackle hills with both style and comfort. This boxy SUV stands as one of the latest acquisitions in her car collection, presumably replacing her older Mercedes-Benz Viano. With its 577-horsepower engine, this vehicle aligns with the performance standards of the German automobile brand. Its iconic design also cements its status as one of the most renowned SUVs globally.

Mercedes Maybach S650 – $350,000

Mercedes-Maybach S650 - Giá Lăn Bánh & Thông Số - Mercedes-Benz Hà Nội -  Mua Xe Sang Giá Tốt

For a truly luxurious limousine experience, Taylor Swift was spotted being chauffeured in the S-Class 650. Engineered to provide unparalleled comfort for passengers, this vehicle boasts heated and ventilated seats, reclining rear seats, massage lumbar support, leg rests, and a heated steering wheel, among other features.

Cadillac Escalade – $150,000

While Cadillac hasn’t been explicitly mentioned in any of her songs, the American singer indeed possesses an Escalade in her collection. The “big black cars” referenced in ‘The Lucky One’ represent the Cadillac Escalade, a favored SUV among celebrities for its blend of spacious cargo capacity and luxurious passenger comfort.