Freddie Freeman’s wife Chelsea Freeman unveils her husband’s hidden skill at Dodgers’ Blue Diamond Gala

Recent Lady Blue Diamond Gala 2023 presented by the LA Dodgers Foundation offered an exceptional chance to acquire insights into the private lives of baseball players and their significant others.

Not only were their on-field accomplishments celebrated, but there was also an opportunity to learn about some untapped abilities, proclivities, and goals.

Chelsea Freeman, Freddie Freeman’s wife, revealed a nice fact about her husband: he is a skilled dancer. Fans who are more familiar with him from his abilities on the baseball diamond may be surprised by this hidden talent.


Chelsea discussed the matter and said:

It’s somewhat of a hidden talent.

When he spoke, Freddie mentioned his signature move, the worm. He added ironically that he had been prohibited from doing so ever since he demonstrated his abilities at a game in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2018.

His worm-dancing antics were put to an end by the Atlanta Braves organization, but it didn’t make him less enthusiastic about dancing overall.



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