From soocer to baseball – Carlos Vela links up Los Angeles Dodgers

Carlos Vela is the second Mexican in a period of a month and a half to visit Dodger Stadium to be a ceremonial pitcher. In 2018 he had already done the same in a duel against the Miami Marlins

Carlos Vela is one of the idols of the city of Los Angeles . The LAFC soccer player switched to baseball for a day when in the game last Friday between the Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds , he threw the first ball of the duel.

Vela was chosen from the Californian franchise to be the ceremonial pitcher in the first of a series of three games. The Mexican was cheered as he entered the field, but he also received some small boos from the fans present, very possibly they were fans of the LA Galaxy in MLS, LAFC’s staunchest rival .

The soccer player went up to the mound of Dodger Stadium with his son Romeo, who accompanied him on his pitch. After the symbolic pitching, there was a reunion between compatriots, as Vela and starter Julio Urías shared for a few minutes in which, in addition to talking, they posed for some photos and exchanged jerseys from their respective teams.

Through Twitter , the California team thanked the player for his visit by sharing some photographs of the moment. On Instagram , the striker did the same and posted a reel of four postcards on his profile in which he is seen sharing with his partner and children.

The match didn’t turn out in the best way, as the team coached by Dave Roberts could never be ahead on the scoreboard and although in the bottom of the seventh episode they got on with the wood and scored three little lines, these were insufficient. The duel ended 5-6 for the locals.

It is not the first time that Carlos Vela has attended a Los Angeles Dodgers game as a ceremonial pitcher. In April 2018, shortly after his signing with the Los Angeles Football Club , the attacker took the mound for a symbolic pitch against the Miami Marlins.

Although he is dedicated to soccer, on several occasions he has stated that he is not in love with this sport, since his great fanaticism moves to the NBA . However, Vela has been seen a few times as a spectator for the Dodgers .

With Vela , there are already two Mexicans who have been chosen to throw the first ball in a game for the Californian team in the last month and a half. On July 6, the Featherweight singer did the same during a game against Pittsburgh Pirates with Julio Urías as receiver.

With the 77 on his back on his Dodgers jersey , the artist of the double ‘P’ received a loud ovation and also shared very closely with ‘El Culichi’.

At the beginning of May, another soccer personality like Miguel ‘El Piojo’ Herrera was the pitcher of honor at a Los Angeles Dodgers game , although this time it was his visit to Petco Park in the 5-2 loss against San Diego Parents.