Giannis Antetokounmpo recently underwent left knee surgery

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a player for the Milwaukee Bucks, recently underwent left knee surgery and is ‘uncertain’ for the FIBA World Cup

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a top player for the Milwaukee Bucks, recently underwent “routine surgery” on his left knee, which was termed as a maintenance treatment.

Since the beginning of the offseason, Antetokounmpo reportedly has been experiencing ongoing soreness related to his knee.

Griffin reported that the procedure on his left knee, which was standard, went well. Everything went according to plan, and we anticipate his return and readiness for training camp.

However, The Athletic reports that it means his participation in the FIBA World Cup is currently in doubt. Before their first-round playoff loss to the No. 8 seed Miami Heat, Antetokounmpo led the Bucks to the NBA’s best regular-season record.

He also had ongoing knee problems during the season, which prevented him from playing in a number of games because of what the team termed as left knee pαin. The 28-year-old has frequently taken great pride in playing for his nation in international events and represented Greece last summer at EuroBasket.

He also participated in the 2019 World Cup for Greece.

I’m a 7ft 2in NBA forgotten man tipped to be star like Victor Wembanyama in Draft but my life spiraled out of control

He was regarded as the best center coming out of Europe, much like Victor Wembanyama, when the New York Knicks selected the 7-foot-2 prospҽct in the 1999 NBA Draft.

Weis’ life began to spiral out of control just a few years after it appeared that he had arrived in basketball’s promised land, though, and he was unable to play for the Knicks or any other NBA team in a significant game.

The Limoges center’s skill and imposing frame let him to compete against professionals in his native country before turning 18.

However, Knicks supporters were furious when New York chose the Frenchman, who was 22 at the time, with the 15th overall pick in 1999 instead of Ron Artest, a native of Queens.

Kristaps Porzingis was booed at Barclays Center when the Knicks selected him in 2015, but Weis wasn’t immediately aware of the hostility. According to The New York Times, the team informed the big man that “some fans might not be so happy” about his arrival before he flew to the US to join New York’s summer league roster.

Weis was informed, “You’re not really the guy we were supposed to draft,” according to his then-wife Celia.

Following some difficult encounters with Jeff Van Gundy, the Knicks’ head coach at the time, the Frenchman began to feel increasingly unwelcome in New York.

Weis returned to Limoges rather than sign his rookie contract with the Knicks, a choice that was probably influenced by the fαct that his agent at the time had stock in the French team. The center earned the silver medal with France at the 2000 Sydney Olympics a year later, but the competition was what really made him famous.

Weis received the wrong end of Vince Carter’s massive jam, which would later be known as the Dunk of Death, during a game against Canada.

Weis’ poor reputation in America was only made worse by the well-known play, which was used to cast him as a sad foreigner who was too timid to compete in the NBA.

The Frenchman would ultimately play his whole professional career in Europe; the player claims the Knicks were not interested in bringing him back, but the franchise contends he never had any desire to play in the US.

But it was what transpired more than a year following Carter’s poster that really crushed his soul.

Weis and Celia found out their kid Enzo had a severe type of autism while Weis and Celia were on the field for the Spanish team Malaga.

Weis eventually suffered from episodes of drinking and melancholy as a result of his harsh diagnosis, mounting marital conflιct, and his father’s declining health.

The occurrences that led to the player’s survival of two suιcide attempts also served as a spark for reform.

In an effort to live a normal life and move on from the sad days, he and Celia opened a tobacco shop and a bar in Limoges after retiring in 2011.

Weis succeeded in becoming the father he always imagined by finding solutions to deal with Enzo’s impairment.

Despite ultimately ending his relationship with Celia, he found his current partner, Fanny, with whom he shares a young daughter named Anna.

Weis finally had some much-needed sensations of contentment and satisfaction as she watched Anna and Enzo get increasingly close to one another.

He also found a non-triggering approach to continue playing basketball in his life.

Despite his initial misgivings, the Frenchman decided to pursue broadcasting, which gave him the opportunity to rekindle his love for the game.

Prior to the San Antonio Spurs player’s departure for the NBA, Weis had the opportunity to announce a few of Wembanyama’s games in the French league.

Weis was able to relate to Wembanyama in some ways despite the fαct that Wemby is a completely different player than he was — a conventional center who relies largely on his bruising post play.

“His whole life is in front of him,” Weis said to ESPN.

“After everything that has happened to me, I sometimes wonder if mine is too.”