Homeless: Diddy was found on the $65 million yacht he purchased three months ago because his $40 million house is currently under seal

The reason for this unexpected dwelling lies in the circumstances surrounding his lavish $40 million mansion, currently undergoing a sealed status. The sealing of his residence has left Diddy without a traditional home, prompting him to seek refuge on the opulent vessel.


This situation underscores the complexities of fame and fortune, as even the wealthiest individuals can find themselves displaced by legal proceedings or other unforeseen events.

Valued at approximately $900 million, give or take a few tens of millions, Sean Combs is no stranger to the extravagant lifestyle. He has seamlessly transitioned from his roots as a recording artist to the more lucrative realms of producing, artist management, and merchandising. Known by various monikers such as Combs, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, or LOVE, he epitomizes both entertainment and entrepreneurship.

And to complement his status, he possesses a magnificent superyacht. In recent times, Diddy has been spotted cruising through European waters, a common sight among fellow celebrities and affluent individuals. However, what sets him apart is that he sails aboard his own vessel, the Maraya, which he acquired in 2012 after previously owning the Lurssen-built Oasis. The name Maraya, derived from Arabic, translates to “many mirrors,” evoking images of admiration and allure. This superyacht is designed to captivate, boasting a sophisticated design and opulent amenities befitting a figure of Diddy’s caliber.

Manufactured and delivered in early 2008 by CRN Ancona, a subsidiary of the Ferretti Group, this 54.2-meter (177.8-foot) superyacht boasts a price tag of $65 million. When not in use for his personal voyages, Diddy offers it for charter at a staggering rate of €300,000 per week, approximately $355,000 based on the current exchange rate, a sum that commands attention no matter how you view it.

Designed by Zuccon International Project and engineered by CRN, Maraya features interiors by Claude Missir and Zuccon, spanning five decks and offering generous outdoor spaces alongside luxurious interiors. Constructed with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, its exterior gleams in pristine white with a sleek silhouette, while the interiors exude a more masculine ambiance, adorned with rich woods and genuine leather accents.

A Tour Of Sean 'Diddy' Combs' $65 Million Luxury Yacht, the Maraya - YouTube

Accommodating up to 12 guests across six cabins, including a master suite and two VIP staterooms, the master suite boasts a private study and a serene bathroom, along with a retractable balcony for intimate alfresco dining experiences over the water, away from the prying eyes of other guests on board.

With a dedicated crew of 15, guests aboard Maraya receive personalized service catering to their every desire, as well as guidance for a plethora of recreational activities available on deck.

Maraya is a \$65 million superyacht delivered in 2008, currently owned by entrepreneur Diddy

This is where Maraya truly distinguishes itself. While it shares many “standard” luxury features with other superyachts of its size, such as a jacuzzi on the sundeck, a fully-equipped gym and wellness area, and expansive, beautifully appointed lounge spaces, it excels as a sanctuary of tranquility. For those seeking lively entertainment, Maraya offers a nightclub-style area with a bar, a screening room, formal and informal dining areas, and a chef’s kitchen staffed by a dedicated chef, prepared to cater to the preferences of every guest.

Moreover, Maraya’s extensive leisure facilities make it ideal for family excursions. The tender garage and spacious loading area at the bow accommodate an impressive array of toys and equipment. Among these are three tenders, including a 7.5-meter (24.6-foot) Castoldi Jet Tender, as well as flyboards, hoverboards, wakeboards, SeaBob, kayaks, waterskis, inflatables (including a waterslide), and scuba and snorkeling gear.

Powered by twin Caterpillar engines, Maraya can achieve top speeds of 16.5 knots and maintain a comfortable cruising speed of 14.5 knots. With a range of 4,200 nautical miles at a speed of 12 knots, it ensures extensive exploration capabilities. Zero-speed stabilizers contribute to a smooth, roll-free experience while anchored, enhancing onboard comfort levels.