Inside Warriors’ Chris Paul’s Pregame Wardrobe

Nowadays, wearing in top-to-bottom designer clothing is essentially required for NBA players. However, there is a distinction between males who rely on expensive sweatshirts and torn jeans and those who genuinely know how to dress well. The latter group not only frequently employs stylists who are professionals, but they also have extremely refined personal tastes. Kelly Oubre, you are our target. After all, having excellent style is a combination of understanding yourself and the latest fashion trends.

A prime example of this is Chris Paul. The Houston Rockets point guard has a collection of pre-game clothes that are on-trend and filled with sought-after baubles, yet still manage to be distinctive to Paul’s past and personal style, according to his longtime stylist Courtney Mays.

Every look is as unique as it is stylish, whether he and Mays are getting their cue from a beloved film, making a social or political statement, or figuring out new ways to wear Paul’s favorite wardrobe staples. Below, Mays describes some of her favorite fits from the current season and how they were created. Let’s look forward to another five months of Chris Paul’s warm, collegiate style of drip.

Stay Warm

“This season, Chris and I consciously chose to support HBCUs and black designers. The student union at Texas Southern University in Houston is where we purchased the sweatshirt. Chris loves his tailoring, but this season we were all in favor of a cozier feel.called “High School Daze”Chris collaborated with the Jordan Brand team to create this bomber, which was modeled after the Jets jacket Arsenio Hall sports in “Coming to America”. In his home, it is a legendary movie. The scrunchy socks served as a nod to Chris’s time in high school.

Rocket Red “I adore them with the pure Nike React for a mix of exclusivity and nostalgia.Chris also always wears a pair of striped pants. I adore them as well; all you need is a bomber jacket or sweater to complete a stylish look. Chris selected the red plaid Gucci from a selection of pairs I pulled for this outfit. Bolder is preferable.” Speak Up “Chris donned the pants with Pyer Moss’s famous “Stop Calling 911” t-shirt before switching to the We. Society t-shirt in the image above. This look changed slightly in real time.

We both enjoy using fashion to convey ideas about societal change, I believe. What we wear reveals a lot about who we are.

Why not use it as a springboard to raise consciousness and adopt a significant position?When Will Another Signature Sneaker Arrive?This jacket was created by Mike B, also known as Michael Barnett, and Cockpit USA. It was a wonderful way to give Chris’s professional style some edge, and I enjoy any chance to work with and support my fellow stylists. This is the original U.S. Navy G-1 jacket in a super-luxe, all-black style. Chris wears Common Projects with virtually anything, it should be noted. They are always what we choose when the rest of the ensemble is hectic. At this point, he ought to serve as the brand’s spokesperson.

Drip HBCU”We’ve been looking for novel ways to wear collegiate designs in our desire to promote historically black colleges and universities. Why not pair a double-breasted blazer with sweatpants? One of our favorites this season was this outfit.

For decades, Big Pink “5001 Flavors in Harlem has been making unique items for celebrities in the hip-hop and sports industries. They have manufactured custom suits for Notorious BIG, Sean Combs, and Colin Kaepernick, to name a few. In keeping with the NBA dress code and true to Chris’ personal flair, we chose this daring and rather risky pink suit.

Brothers BarneyAlthough Chris and I usually try to find a way to revamp his closet staples rather than spending a fortune, NBA players are essentially keeping Barneys in business with their love of upscale streetwear. Chris adores bomber jackets, and this one from Off-White is a masterpiece in and of itself. At the last minute, we changed to the Fear of God x Nike sneakers because they are simply too good.Texas Prep”Everything about this color-blocked sweatshirt makes me think of a middle school class picture. Chris always has some jewelry on; adding these vibrant bracelets really upped the preppy vibe.