Judge the Jewels: Drake’s $12.5M Necklace Represents the 42 Times He ‘Almost’ Proposed

This jaw-dropping necklace is called “Previous Engagements.”

Drake's Anti-Engagement Ring Necklace Has Surprising Price Tag

THE SIGHTING: Rapper Drake recently revealed a very sparkly new diamond necklace. The piece is noteworthy not only for its carat weight, but for what it represents.

THE JEWELS: This jaw-dropping necklace is called “Previous Engagements” and was created for Drake by Alex Moss New York. Each of the piece’s 42 diamonds signifies an almost-proposal, a time when Drake considered asking one of his prior lovers to marry him but then decided not to pop the question after all.

The necklace is 18K white gold, Y-shaped, and features variously shaped diamonds – including round, princess, and pear cuts – totaling an incredible 351.38 carats. Drake’s never-fiancées would have been lucky women indeed, because these stones are gorgeous. According to the jeweler’s Instagram, the sourcing process for the diamonds took 14 months.

351.38 divided by 42 is 8.36, so that’s an average 8 carats per almost-fiancée, although I’m pretty sure the pear at the middle of the Y and the emerald cut at the bottom are larger than the other stones. One must wonder if those two nearly-wives were more treasured or if it was simply a design choice.

Zack Stone of UK Retailer Steven Stone estimates that the piece could be worth approximately $12.5 million.

THE TRENDS: Try as I might, I cannot connect this to any trends. It’s just Drake being Drake.

WHAT DO WE THINK? I literally laughed out loud when I heard about the story behind this necklace. The news dropped shortly after Saturday Night Live aired a sketch about a fake support group for Drake’s almost-exes, women who Drake used as song inspiration after interacting with them only briefly. This necklace immediately made me wonder if these 42 women would have agreed with Drake that they were in potentially serious relationships with the singer…or if these almost-proposals also happened mostly in Drake’s head.

If Drake is in on the jokes people make about him and this necklace is his way of owning it in a dramatic and sparkly way, I think that’s delightful and I am laughing with him. If he’s completely serious and he doesn’t realize how this is going to be perceived, then it’s a bit cringey and I’m laughing at him.

EITHER WAY: I’m amused and it’s an impressive necklace!

JUDGEMENT: 14/10 for big sparkle with a fascinating backstory