Kanye West spent nearly 1 million dollars to upgrade his teeth

On his personal page, Kanye West surprised fans by revealing an expenditure of up to $850,000 to design a special set of jewelry for his teeth.

Kanye West với nửa hàm dưới đính kim cương (trái) và bộ hàm bằng titan mới - Ảnh: LBC

Kanye West with a diamond-encrusted lower jaw (left) and a new set of titanium teeth.

It’s known that Kanye West’s teeth are made of a titanium alloy and are more expensive than diamonds.

The male rapper also subtly hinted that the dental makeover was inspired by the villainous character Jaws in the James Bond spy film series, who has a set of metal teeth.

The teeth were designed by Kanye himself and executed by dentist Dr. Thomas Connelly and cosmetic dentist Dr. Naoki Hayashi.

According to The Washington Post, Dr. Connelly confirmed that Kanye West’s dental work did not require him to remove his healthy teeth.

In a post on his personal page, Dr. Connelly praised Kanye West’s vision and creativity in reshaping his image through dental work:

“I am thrilled with the process of creating teeth for Ye.

His vision for artistic design has transcended the realm of dentistry.

The combination has resulted in a truly magnificent new look.”

Kanye từng đeo một trang sức tương tự do hãng thời trang Balenciaga thiết kế trước đây - Ảnh: GETTY IMAGES

Kanye previously wore a similar piece of jewelry designed by the fashion house Balenciaga.

This isn’t the first time Kanye West has made headlines with his dental transformations. Back in 2010, Kanye famously declared his intention to remove all his bottom teeth and replace them with diamonds for the sake of being “cool.”

Kanye West also disclosed that he regularly visits the dentist to maintain his expensive dental work. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he shared his reason for opting for dental work instead of wearing grillz to avoid the hassle of removing jewelry.