Khloe Kardashian’s Unwavering Passion for Virtual Living within her $17M Mansion

A sneak glance into Khloe Kardashian’s backyard clearly confirms that the Kardashians enjoy luxury.

The 38-year-old co-founder of Good American, accompanied by her 5-year-old daughter True, was captured in the vast backyard of their magnificent home, estimated to be worth $17 million.

Khloe’s followers marveled at the spacious area and stunning décor showcased on her Instagram Stories as she shared moments of mother-daughter fun.

True, Khloe’s eldest child with her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, was depicted enjoying herself while bouncing on her large trampoline in the initial video.

Even though the toy is a common fixture in many households with small children, it was the surroundings that attracted our attention.

The tree-lined area around the device was neatly maintained, and there were a number of stone mushroom-shaped structures that looked like they belonged in a fairy tale.

Khloe Kardashian’s new Hidden Hills home next door to her mother Kris Jenner doesn’t let us down; the Kardashians never cease to astound us with their enormous homes and jaw-dropping décor!

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, the celebrity opened the doors to her incredible home, and she has since revealed breathtaking glances inside the home she shares with her daughter True and her unborn son.

In a room with cream furnishings, wooden floors, and a huge Marilyn Monroe poster on the wall, Khloe loves to take selfies. This space appears to be modeled after sister Kim’s futuristic new-age mansion, which includes futuristic furniture throughout.

True, the family’s daughter, expertly modeled the cream sofa with its distinctive round cushions.

The outdoor pool appears to belong in a five-star hotel, and Khloe even improved the feature by including an inflatable automobile. Imagine the pool parties we could have!


One of the best features of the property is Khloe’s enormous pantry, which is also wonderfully well-organized and contains hundreds of essentials for store cupboards. Khloe’s kitchen cabinet was photographed by Ivan Solis for Poosh, and the pictures show how amazing it is!

Khloe displays her finest china similarly to her mother, with flowered plates up on a high shelf inside the pantry. However, mom Kris has a whole space devoted to her dinnerware, which she refers to as her “dish room,” and it is furnished with Hermes and Gucci brand dishware.