Leonardo DiCaprio celebrates his 49th birthday with his Italian model girlfriend

In honor of his 49th birthday, Leonardo DiCaprio threw a weekend celebration for his friends in the entertainment business. Leonardo DiCaprio engaged in activity with model Vittoria Ceretti during that occasion.

Numerous well-known personalities from the American entertainment sector attended the birthday celebration of well-known Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974

Famous artists Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z, female billionaire Kim Kardashian, well-known singers Lady Gaga and Rita Ora, actresses Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde, and Zoe Kravitz, actors Tobey Maguire and Channing Tatum, and rappers Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Tyga are just a few of the notable attendees.

Rappers graced the celebration, adding a happy and colorful vibe to the occasion. The theme of this birthday celebration is hip-hop music. On Saturday night, Leonardo and his buddies rejoiced and danced into the wee hours of Sunday.

Leonardo DiCaprio wore black at the birthday party venue. Photo: Daily Mail

One noteworthy aspect of the occasion was Leonardo’s display of public familiarity with 25-year-old model Vittoria Ceretti. In recent months, their relationship has garnered attention, leading to conjecture on the depth of their love.

Prior to the birthday celebration, several entertainment insiders said that Leonardo was no longer a “famous single man” and that he was in fact in a committed relationship with the stunning Italian woman.

Several unnamed sources claimed that although Leonardo and Vittoria did not appear together at the event, they shared intimate gestures and enjoyed moments of comfort inside the party area.

Vittoria Ceretti was present at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party turning 49 years old. Photo: Daily Mail

It is possible to argue that Vittoria’s birthday party appearance with Leo served as their formal introduction to Leo’s close pals in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Several unidentified witnesses at the gathering claimed that Vittoria and Leo had given each other tender kisses. In August of this year, the couple went public with their romance after being spotted together by photographers in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Leo and Vittoria continued to go to crazy parties in Ibiza, Spain, in September. Photographers caught them sharing a kiss while they were dancing at a nightclub.

Leo made arrangements for Vittoria to see his mother in person that same September. The gathering was held in Milan, Italy, at a museum. Soon after, without Leo’s mother accompanying them, Leo and Vittoria traveled to Paris, France, to spend some time together.

Leonardo DiCaprio and close friend Tobey Maguire