Lil Pump’s $35 million face: a diamond worth nearly $30 million embedded in the center of his forehead along with numerous other grillz

Lil Pump has a penchant for purchasing sizable bracelets and rings, unhesitant to invest thousands of dollars in adorning accessories with diamonds.

Quyết "chơi trội", rapper Mỹ gắn kim cương 28 triệu USD lên trán

On April 25th, Lil Pump garnered attention by sharing a photo featuring a diamond on his forehead, claiming it to be worth $28 million. However, there are differing opinions suggesting that the jewelry may not hold such a high value.

Bộ sưu tập trang sức đắt đỏ của rapper gắn kim cương lên trán - Thời trang  sao

Back in March 2019, the Gucci Gang rapper invested $250,000 in purchasing grillz from Vietnamese jeweler Johnny Dang, which boasted a design comprising 165 hand-selected 16-karat diamonds.

In the hip hop community, collecting jewelry such as gold and diamonds is a popular hobby, and Lil Pump is no different. He has showcased his collection of diamond necklaces and bracelets in an interview with GQ magazine.

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