Lynn delivers in Dodgers debut: ‘It’s what we needed’

Veteran emerges after the Trade Deadline without an eye-catching trade from LA

In Los Angeles The Dodgers were hoping that last week’s trades for Kiké Hernández and Lance Lynn from the Red Sox and the White Sox, respectively, would be the start of a busy period of improving their squad after four months of surprise success.

However, Dodger Stadium was mainly empty when the Trade Deadline was announced at 3 p.m. PT on Tuesday. There were no coaches waiting behind them and no players on the field. The Dodgers, a team that was anticipated to be active in the pitching market before the Deadline, only acquired left-hander Ryan Yarbrough from the Royals in exchange for prospects Devin Mann and Derlin Figueroa, proving that it was also quiet in the front office.

Despite a Deadline day that went more smoothly than anticipated, Hernández and Lynn both had significant contributions to the Dodgers’ 7-3 victory against the A’s in the series opener that evening.






First baseman for the Dodgers Freddie Freeman went 4-for-5 on Tuesday, his fourth four-game hitting streak of the year. “We added five guys in the last week, and a lot of them contributed big today,” Freeman said. “We are content. Our team is great. We had a first-place squad at the start of the day, and we still have one after tonight. We adore the group we work with.

In his team debut, Lynn, who ended up being the unanticipatedly significant addition on the pitching side, did well, giving up three runs (all on solo home runs) while striking out seven batters over seven innings. On June 20, Lynn became the first Dodgers starter since Clayton Kershaw to pitch seven innings.

Dave Roberts, manager of the Dodgers, remarked, “It’s what we needed.” He was an expert. Efficient. assaulting the area. When necessary, he made pitches. We haven’t had a starter last seven innings in a starter for quite some time. Therefore, using two players tonight from the “pen” and feeling great about tomorrow was just what we needed.

The seasoned right-hander briefly demonstrated why the Dodgers moved swiftly last week. The A’s struggled against his various heater combinations, as Lynn relied more on the curveball than in previous appearances. Unfortunately for Lynn and the Dodgers, the right-hander continued to have trouble keeping the ball in the park and has now allowed 31 home runs, which leads all Major League pitchers.

“It was good that we won. All that matters is that, remarked Lynn. “I made a few errors that were out of bounds. But the only thing that matters is that we won.

Regarding Hernández, Dodgers supporters are accustomed to seeing the utility player produce big hits. Hernández emptied the bases with a two-out, three-run double in the fourth inning to give the Dodgers a 4-0 lead against right-handed reliever Tayler Scott, which was not the purpose for why the Dodgers acquired him.

However, the pitchers they neglected to add prior to the Deadline were ultimately the topic of conversation across the ballpark. The Dodgers were trying to get Justin Verlander, but they were aware that their efforts would be in vain because it seemed the right-hander had his sights set on a move back to Houston. Verlander made the decision because of his no-trade clause, even though the Dodgers could have stunned the Mets with a massive haul of prospects.

Then there is the Eduardo Rodriguez saga. Rodriguez decided not to waive his no-trade clause after agreeing to terms with the Tigers on a transaction that would have sent the left-hander to the Dodgers. Multiple Dodgers players allegedly communicated with Rodriguez for days in an effort to persuade him to move to Los Angeles. Rodriguez, though, exercised his right to a no-trade clause and stated that he was not interested.

For a variety of reasons, this year’s alternatives were less plentiful than usual, according to Dodgers head of baseball operations Andrew Friedman. However, there were a few folks we went after hard, and that’s how it is. From our perspective, we are quite pleased with the staff we have and the strength that is behind it. Despite this, you constantly desire to feel better.

It’s debatable whether the Dodgers have improved since Tuesday’s Deadline. They were unable to secure a high-end impact starter who could boost their rotation’s 6.18 ERA in July and increase their chances in October. Although Lynn’s beginning does give them some hope for the future, it is still unclear how everything will turn out.

“We are now what we are. We are content with who we have, Freeman added. Thus, we are prepared for the 57 upcoming games.