Matthew Perry made Friends writers change controversial storyline

Matthew Perry, known for his role as Chandler Bing in the popular sitcom Friends, reportedly influenced a change in a storyline involving his character cheating on Monica, played by Courteney Cox. The revelation came from actress Lisa Cash, who appeared in a 1999 episode titled “The One in Vegas: Part 1.” In the original script, Chandler and Monica were supposed to argue in Las Vegas, leading Chandler to cheat on Monica with Lisa Cash’s character, a hotel worker who brings room service to his room.

However, Perry expressed discomfort with the storyline and approached the show’s writers, requesting that it be altered. According to Lisa Cash, they had rehearsed the scene, but a day before filming in front of a live audience, she was informed that Perry had spoken to the writers, expressing concern that fans would not forgive Chandler for cheating on Monica. Lisa acknowledged that Perry’s reasoning was likely correct and stated that the change in the storyline potentially affected the course of the show.

In summary, Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing on Friends, influenced the writers to modify a storyline involving Chandler cheating on Monica in a 1999 episode set in Las Vegas. Perry believed that fans would not forgive Chandler for such an act, leading to a change in the plot.

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After Matthew Perry’s request to change the cheating storyline in Friends, the scenes depicting Chandler’s infidelity were removed from the script, resulting in Lisa Cash’s part being cut. However, the show’s producers offered her the opportunity to appear in a different scene as a flight attendant alongside Ross and Rachel, portrayed by David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston.

Lisa expressed her gratitude, stating that the producers were kind enough not to completely remove her from the episode. She also commended Matthew Perry for creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere on set. Lisa agreed with the writers’ decision to remove Chandler’s cheating scene, emphasizing that it was the right choice.

According to Lisa, Chandler and Monica were not on a break like Ross and Rachel famously were. Chandler’s decision to cheat on Monica would have been a deliberate one, unlike the ambiguous circumstances surrounding Ross and Rachel’s break. Lisa believed that the audience would not have easily forgiven Chandler’s betrayal, and therefore, the writers made a smart decision by removing the storyline.

In summary, Lisa Cash’s part in the episode was cut after the cheating scenes were removed. However, she appreciated being given another role in a scene with Ross and Rachel. Lisa supported the writers’ decision and agreed that Chandler’s character would not have been forgiven by the audience for cheating on Monica, unlike Ross and Rachel’s situation.