NBA institutes sweeping rule changes

NBA make major new rule change ahead of 2023 season leaving fans divided over move

The move has been met with mixed emotions from NBA fans, especially given the complexity of enforcing the new rule. The NBA announced on Tuesday that the in-game flopping penalty will be in effect on a temporary basis during the 2018 summer basketball league.

If a team is called for flopping, the other team gets the ball and a free throw.

The game will not have to be stopped while the officials make the decision.

They can instead wait for a neutral moment to intervene in the play. A player receiving a technical foul for flopping will not be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The foul will not result in a personal foul or ejection, though.

Many spectators applauded the NBA’s effort to curb flopping when it announced plans to test the penalty.

Others, however, have pointed out a number of reasons why the rule may prove to be an unworkable innovation. A tweet from someone said, “Those calls can be subjective.”

When asked about this, another commenter said, “Just gives the officials more leeway to insert themselves into the game for subjective reasons.”

Why are you making the simplest thing so complicated? Just don’t call them, said a third.

In response, one person wrote, “I like it for putting a stop to the flopping, but to be honest, without there being an actual penalty counted against the player in the form of foul tally or techs for the season, I don’t see it reducing flops.”

On July 3, 2023, the California Classic began in Sacramento, and on the same day, a comparable tournament began in Salt Lake City, Utah, marking the beginning of the 2023 summer league.

The main competition will, as usual, begin on July 7 in Las Vegas.