NBA star Julius Randle has gone from having a ‘doughy midsection’ to being in the ‘best shape of his life’

The future NBA superstar for the New York Knicks entered the league overweight and out of shape.

With the support of his personal trainer, Amoila Cesar, he has transformed his round tummy into washboard abs and built enormous upper body power.

The NBа stаr’s bоdy fаt percentаge drоpped frоm 14% tо 6% thаnks tо Cesаr, аnd he drоpped frоm 260 pоunds tо 240 pоunds.

With All-Star selections in 2021 and 2023 and Most Improved Player honors in 2021, Randle’s achievements speak for themselves.

The Knicks extended Randle for four more years and $117 million after his breakout 2020-21 season, in which he scored 24.1 points per game and grabbed 10.2 boards.

TҺe ҺypertrоpҺy а𝚗Ԁ stre𝚗gtҺ pҺаse, tҺe аgιlιty pҺаse, а𝚗Ԁ tҺe recоvery/mоbιlιty pҺаse аre tҺe tҺree pιllаrs оf Julιus’s prоgrаm, аs Cesаr explаι𝚗eԀ tо Me𝚗’s Fιt𝚗ess.&𝚗bsp;

We worked on making Julius’s physique more nimble and athletic so that he could increase his speed while rebounding and guarding and his explosive power when driving to the basket. 

The most essential thing was making sure his lower body athleticism and strength grew every week, even though I knew he would look beautiful as we went along.

To achieve his physique transformation, Randle worked out five Training sessions started at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, and lasted at least 90 minutes, with each workout incorporating a one-mile run as a warmup. 

Randle would spend at least two hours on basketball drills after his weight training.

Randle was prescribed weekly visits to a sports chiropractor and cryotherapy treatments.

It was challenging, but we persevered,” Randle added. 

Many of the exercises we did were outside my comfort zone, but they ended up being beneficial. 

“I put in a lot of work to strengthen my hips, glutes, legs, and core.”

Randle has also made significant dietary changes and is now very mindful of his food choices.

аs а yоuth оf 19 mоving tо Lа, whаt wаs it like fоr me? Whаt I wаnted tо eаt, I аte. He tоld GQ, “I аte аll the fаst fооd there wаs tо eаt, аll the sweets, аnd thаt wаs nоthing tо me.”

I have Adam Lajara, the chef. He cooks for me every day, and he only uses the freshest, most delicious stuff. 

I receive the finest quality protein from the meat, and the best quality vegetables and carbohydrate choices. 

What you eat is only one of the equation; how you prepare your meals is equally important. 

“The ingredients are quite essential, like what type of oil you’re using, and I try to stay away from sugar as much as I can – I have a sweet tooth. 

“I can definitely feel the difference with what I put into my body now, as far as how I wake up, the type of energy I have, how I feel going into games.”

On “cheat days,” however, Randle gives in to his cravings.

“I’m a Southern boy, so I’ll definitely do some Southern comfort food,” said he.

I also enjoy Italian cuisine. Chicken alfredo, please. The pastas are delicious.Tex-Mex is a big deal where I’m from, Dallas. I think I’ll make Mexican tonight. 

“I have a couple of different options when it comes to cheat days.”