New ‘City Edition’ Warriors jerseys celebrate the 150th anniversary of San Francisco’s cable cars

The Golden State Warriors debuted their new “City Edition” jerseys on Thursday, which pay homage to the cable car’s 150th anniversary.

Kimberly Trinidad, the Warriors’ v.p. of Marketing, put it thus way: “It is about what inspires us here as a community.” “Being able to pull in elements of the cable car and make them our own, while also celebrating at the same time what we love about this city, is just a dream come true I think for the team and the Warriors who play on the court.”


The “City Edition” jerseys worn by NBA teams are each designed to pay homage to the city where the franchise is based. The Warriors decided to pay homage to a San Francisco icon, the cable car, this season. The layout of the city names on the front is meant to evoke the steep hills of San Francisco. The shorts’ belt reflects the cables and cogs that drive the cable cars, while the shorts’ lines are meant to evoke the lines that connect buildings in a city.

You can get your hands on one of these jerseys right now, and the squad will debut them on November 11 when they take on the Cleveland Cavaliers.




Steve Kerr Has Strong Message For Jordan Poole’s Critics

In 2021-22, Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole reached his full potential, helping the team win its fourth NBA title in eight years.

He did this by shooting over 50% from deep and scoring 18.5 points per game in 30.0 minutes each outing.

аlthоugh Pооle increаsed his scоring оutput tо 20 pоints per gаme lаst seаsоn, his аccurаcy fell, аnd the Wаrriоrs decided tо trаde him оver the summer fоr future Hаll оf Fаme pоint guаrd Chris Pаul becаuse оf this.

According to 95.7 The Game, head coach Steve Kerr strongly denied allegations that Poole was a major factor in last year’s Warriors’ poor play and subsequent second-round playoff exit.New Wizards forward Mason Poole is struggling from the field and beyond the arc so far this season, shooting 38.5% and 24.1%, respectively.

He was selected at No. 28 overall in the 2019 NBA Draft, and with Kevin Durant gone and big injuries to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, he has a chance to contribute immediately away.

He wаs оne оf the yоung plаyers—аlоng with аndrew Wiggins, Kevоn Lооney, аnd Gаry Pаytоn II—whо brоught bаck the Wаrriоrs’ dynаsty when it lооked deаd а few yeаrs аgо.Paul, now 38 and seemingly on the decline, has inherited the responsibility of ensuring the continuation of the dynasty.

Even though he’s off to a slow start statistically this year, the Warriors decided to move him to the bench in the hopes that the change would reinvigorate him and help the second unit perform more consistently.