Neymar and his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi are overjoyed by the birth of their daughter Mavie

Neymar, a huge star in Brazil, and his girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, have welcomed a baby girl, Mavie.

Biancardi announced the birth of the couple’s daughter with an Instagram post.

After Mavie was born, their ‘lives are complete,’ as the 29-year-old put it.



The arrival of “our Mavie” “completed our lives,” Biancardi wrote. Greetings, young lady!

You have our undying gratitude for picking us, and we already adore you so much.

After the birth of their first child, the couple posted some adorable images to social media.

Neymar was also seen happy as he cradled Mavie, and the two were photographed kissing their daughter.

The Brazilian celebrity was also seen giving the baby a bath in one of the pictures.  

Neymar returned to Brazil after Biancardi checked into a private hospital in Sao Paulo with childbirth complications. 

Neymar, a star for the Saudi Pro League’s Al-Hilal, flew home to Brazil on Thursday after receiving permission to miss the team’s upcoming match against Al-Okhdood.

Mavie was reportedly born early on Friday morning in Brazil via cesarean section, as reported by the Globo newspaper.

Neymar and his girlfriend, Biancardi, announced their pregnancy in April.

Neymar already has a kid, Davi Lucca, who is 12 years old, thanks to his relationship with social media star Carolina Dantas, with whom he broke up.

It is speculated that Neymar and Biancardi began dating in 2021, yet they did not publicly acknowledge their relationship until January 2022 on Instagram.

In August of 2022, however, it was reported that the two had broken up, only to reconcile shortly thereafter. 

After Neymar, 31, was accused of cheating after he was seen partying with unnamed women in a Spanish nightclub, Biancardi finally spoke out earlier this month.

“Good afternoon, I am aware of what has occurred, and once again I am disappointed; nevertheless, as I enter the home stretch of my pregnancy, all of my attention and concern will be focused on my kid. She thanked her followers on Instagram for their “love messages.”

Further claims of adultery surfaced against Neymar in June, causing him to issue a public, contrite apologies to Biancardi via social media.

His note read: “Bru. It’s for the sake of your loved ones that I do this. Justify the inexcusable. Certainly not. And I want you to know that I need YOU in MY life.

“I saw how vulnerable you were, how much pain you were in, and how badly you wanted to be at my side through it all. Also, I’m here to support you.

I messed up with all of you. I take the chance of being proven wrong every day, both on and off the field. Only I can fix the problems at home, in my relationships with my loved ones…

The entirety of this has affected a very important person in my life. The future mom I always pictured myself with. 

Has it affected him and his family, who are now my own? She reached out to me in the sacred space of pregnancy. 

A few days before to his article, rumors had circulated that Neymar may be disloyal under three strange situations.

For example, Em Off claims that Neymar “must wear a condom” and “not kiss them on the mouth” in order to comply with the terms of his contract regarding any extramarital relationships. 

Despite his devotion to Biancardi, the outlet stated he is “free to flirt and even have sex with other woman.”