Picture: Andre Onana pictured making Manchester United debut on US tour

The Red Devils are almost done with their tour of the US. After today’s game against Los Blancos in Houston, Texas, they will only have one game left.

With the Premier League season starting in just over two weeks, Erik ten Hag is starting to think about his ideal starting lineup.

Onana’s first game was against Real Madrid, where he replaced Tom Heaton in the starting lineup.

Onana didn’t have the best start to his time with United. He let in a goal when United had only 10 players on the field, and he also let in a goal that should have been called offside. This is the first time we’ve seen our new goalie from Cameroon wearing Manchester United’s colors. It is something that a lot of people have been waiting to see, and it means that United finally has a new goalie who is good with his feet.

There are some photos of Onana in motion that you can look at. He is a confident figure between the United goalposts, and it is a sight to see.

Composure is a gain right away

So calm with the ball, and his players always had a way out of the high Madrid press when he was on the field.

As he said he would, he has been great at passing the ball around. He also has a lot of confidence when he gets the ball, which the backline has already picked up on.

Casemiro and Raphael Varane both got a lot out of it because they were both much more open to getting the ball and making great first-time passes to get away from the press.

Already, Onana looks like a great addition to United. In just the first half of his career, he has shown how good he is on the ball and in goal.