The second wife of actor Bruce Willis ‘cried her eyes out’ once searching his dementia symptoms

Actor Bruce Willis stopped his acting career in 2022 because of frontotemporal dementia. His 24-year-old wife said there are days when she “wakes up crying”.

Emma Heming has to take care of her husband who is getting older and weaker, both physically and mentally deteriorating (Photo: Daily Mail).

This March, Bruce Willis turns 68; This month also marks the 14th wedding anniversary of him and his second wife – model Emma Heming.

On her personal social network account, Emma Heming said she found it very difficult to face life at the present time, when her actor husband was officially diagnosed by doctors as having the disease. Temporal vestibular dementia – the disease that caused Bruce Willis to stop his acting career.

Emma Heming has to take care of her husband who is getting older and weaker, both physically and mentally. She also has two young daughters aged 8 and 10 who need to be raised. In a sharing on her personal social network account on the occasion of her 14th wedding anniversary (March 21), Emma said: “This year is the 14th anniversary of Bruce and I’s wedding, I received congratulatory flowers.” Sent from a friend.

Bruce Willis with his wife and two young daughters when he was still healthy (Photo: Daily Mail).

This friend felt inspired by my story. I’m actually thinking about the bitter feeling I’ll have to experience on anniversaries like this in the future. Currently, I am like a nurse, someone who is always responsible for taking care of my loved ones, and anniversaries are gradually becoming more difficult for me mentally.

Before, my husband could celebrate special occasions with me, but now his brain is slowly changing and he can no longer do that. That’s my current living situation.

I hope that if you know someone who is taking on the responsibility of taking care of the health of a sick loved one, you will care for them more and do small but meaningful things for that person. .

Don’t ask what you can do to help that person, just proactively do what you can. Random, unexpected actions that show care and love really have great meaning.”

Before marrying Emma Heming in 2009, actor Bruce Willis was married to actress Demi Moore from 1987 to 2000.

Bruce Willis’s young wife shares the couple’s sweet moments (Video: Daily Mail).

This March, Bruce Willis turns 68 (Photo: Daily Mail).

On Bruce Willis’s birthday this month (March 19), Emma Heming also had an emotional post: “I started today by bursting into tears. Currently, there are days when I start the morning by crying. People often say to me: “Why are you so strong”; “I don’t understand how you manage it”. But I really have no choice.”

On Bruce Willis’s birthday recently, Emma Heming said she felt like “a knife stabbed into my heart” as she watched her husband change day by day due to illness.

Bruce Willis’s extended family includes his ex-wife – Demi Moore, current wife – Emma Heming and 5 daughters from 2 marriages (Photo: Daily Mail).

The ex-wife of actor Bruce Willis – actress Demi Moore and the three daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have always shown concern and love for Emma. This year, Demi Moore and her three daughters joined Emma to celebrate Bruce Willis’s birthday.

Regarding the condition of actor Bruce Willis, family members affirmed that this is a difficult challenge, but they will overcome it together and will always be “one big close-knit family”. Until now, the relationship between Emma Heming and Bruce Willis’s ex-wife and stepchildren has always been good. However, it can be understood that she still has her own pressures and hardships that she cannot share with anyone.