Rick Ross Splurges on $3.5M Mansion Featuring a Spacious Garage Designed Exclusively for His Stunning Supercars

The most recent real estate purchαse made by Rick Ross not only boasts a record-breαking return on investment, but it also comes with a celebrity pedigree. In a recent transaction, Amar’e Stoudemire, a resident of Miami, acquired the South Florida residence for a sum of $3.5 million. The transaction was complete in just four days, making it the quickest closing in the history of the gated community where the home is located. Since more than 10 years ago, the home has been owned by the former NBA all-star football player. It contains a main home that is 7,361 square feet in size, a guest house that is 1,314 square feet in size, and a garage that can accommodate nine cars.

Coffered ceilings, ceilings that are ten feet high, white marble floors, four bedrooms, and five and a half bathrooms are all contained within the main home, which is a one-story building. A chef’s kitchen, a private movie theater, an inside bar area with a pool table, and a yoga room are just some of the rooms that are reserved for gatherings of friends and family. In addition to a kitchen and a sitting room, the guesthouse also features two bedrooms and a single bathroom.

Recently, it was disclosed that the primary location for filming Coming 2 America is Ross’ other residence, which is an exclusive house in Atlanta with twelve bedrooms. With its jaw-dropping 109 rooms and 45,000 square feet of space, the house was a superb stand-in for a palace in the fictional nation of Zamunda. “They changed the wallpaper in the dining room so I asked them to keep it,” Ross said in an interview with Variety and highlighted the modifications that the set designers made to his home. As an additional gift, they made the large dining table that has seating for fifty to sixty people and gave it to me. The size is quite substantial.