Rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers gives his dad a new car

As soon as the Baltimore Ravens’ first-round pick got home, he surprised his dad with a brand-new luxury SUV.

Zay Flowers, a receiver with the Baltimore Ravens, has only been in the National Football League for a little over a month, but he is already giving back to the members of his family and friends that helped him into the league. 







In one of his first significant purchases after the draft, Flowers recently shocked his father, Willie Flowers, by presenting him with a brand-new Mercedes SUV. The recent draftee received this gift as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices that his father has made by serving in the military.

Ravens Star Rookie Zay Flowers Gifts Dad New Mercedes After NFL Draft

“I used to see him get up and go to work at 4 a.m. in the morning; he did that every day Monday through Friday,” according to Flowers. First thing in the morning on Saturdays, he would get up, wash our clothes at the wash house, prepare breakfast for everyone, and then drive us to football games. The following day, repeat the identical actions on Sunday, and then return to work on Monday. The mere fact that I witnessed him doing that was enough to motivate me.It has been necessary for the Flowers family, and Willie in particular, to make more than their fair share of sacrifices. A brain ιиנυяу was the cause of 𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙 for Zay Flowers’ mother, Jackie Walden, who died away in the year 2005. Willie Flowers was left to raise 14 children on his alone as a result of this tragedy, Zay being the eleventh of those children. Willie Flowers also taught his son a valuable lesson that makes his move to Baltimore seem like fate. Five feet nine inches tall and 185 pounds, Zay Flowers is on the small side. But his father told him not to let that get in the way of his goals. In particular, Willie Flowers said that his son was like former Ravens receiver Steve Smith Sr. Smith was a popular comparison for the Boston College Eagles star before the draft. Now, Zay Flowers can wear the shirt that his hero used to wear.”My dad always told me, ‘It doesn’t matter about size; it’s about what’s in your chest,'” Flowers told me. “He told me over and over, ‘You have to be like Steve Smith.'” “Steve Smith was a shi𝕥hole.”The Ravens were pleased with Zay Flowers’ character even before he got to Baltimore. After the first round of the draft, general manager Eric DeCosta said that the receiver’s story was a big part of why they chose to bring him to the Queen City.”We learn a lot about these people and spend a lot of time talking to them, and Zay was one for whom I have to say… “I haven’t met many more impressive face-to-face prospects than the ones I talked to at the Combine and here in Baltimore,” DeCosta said. “I was really, really impressed by his story, his strength, and his ability to just succeed and deal with things.”