Shark Tank’s Corcoran Tells Kylie & Travis: Slash the Price or Face Mansion Flop!

Barbara Corcoran’s dishing some no-nonsense advice for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott over their desperate attempts to offload their uber-fancy Beverly Hills mansion.

We got the “Shark Tank” star out in L.A. earlier this week … she tells us the exes slashing the price from $21.9M to under $18M ain’t enough, and they need to quite simply be realistic when it comes to their asking price.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Drop Beverly Hills Home

The real estate pro says it comes down to the L.A. luxury housing market not being the best right now, especially with that pesky new “mansion tax” in play — which she’s been vocal about … previously telling us it was ridiculous.

BC also weighs in on Travis’ other property, which sits atop a huge crack in a Brentwood hillside caused by recent record-breaking storms.

A precarious situation for sure, but Barbara says it’s nothing to worry about.


travis scott mansion landslide

As someone who’s purchased a few oceanfront properties herself, Barbara says she’s seen fellow seafront property owners have their pads washed out … so, to her, a crack in the land ain’t a big deal nor is it a bad investment, especially if Travis uses the property wisely.

Leave it to Barbara to put things in perspective!

Travis Scott's Brentwood Mansion


So, as for Kylie and Travis, it looks like the exes need to go back to the drawing board and dip that price a little bit lower.