Sleek and Powerful: The 2025 Ford GT Model Designed by Marco Wietrzychowski

Inspired by Ken Miles, the great driver who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, the 2025 Ford GT was designed by Marco Wietrzychowski of @speed_sculptures_design. This cutting-edge layout merges Miles’ racing pedigree with today’s most cutting-edge engineering and technology.

The cutting-edge aerodynamic body, high-performance engine, and innovative safety systems all contribute to the car’s dynamic and stylish appearance. The 2025 Ford GT model is a reflection of Ken Miles and Ford Motor Company’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Experience the Innovation and Elegance of Polestar’s Precept Electric Car

Polestar’s latest concept car, the elegant electric four-door Precept, will not have its big public moment due to the cancellation of the 2020 Geneva auto show. Polestar also said this week that it will begin manufacturing the vehicle for sale in China. The good news is that Polestar models will soon be available in the United States if you like them.When I initially laid eyes on the Precept, my thoughts went straight to the desires of Tesla customers for the Model S’s retro style. The Polestar’s lack of mirrors is a thoughtful design choice. Since Present lacks a rear window, it must rely on the camera instead. The glass roof of this vehicle extends over the rear seats to provide an even more open and airy feel for the passengers in the back.


Interior cleanliness is the ultimate expression of the future. The recycled materials are used for the Precept’s interior. Used fishing nets are woven into carpets, and plastic bottles are repurposed into chairs using 3D knitting technology. Furniture is often crafted from vinyl that has been recycled from other sources. Renewable materials like this can be used to create high-end interiors without adding unnecessary weight.


The vegan inside is amazing in its own way, but the Precept’s infotainment display really got on our nerves. The Precept will include a Google-based HMI powered by Polestar technology. Using cutting-edge voice technology, the system will be able to comprehend regional dialects. While the car is charging, passengers can watch videos online or use apps.


Polestar claims to be aware of the danger of driver distraction brought on by the proliferation of in-car screens. The Precept HMI system has an eye-tracking feature to detect when the driver is glancing at the display. Screen-integrated proximity sensors can detect a hand’s proximity. The car’s screen will adapt to the current conditions automatically. The monitor’s display enlarges the buttons and sliders as the driver’s hand gets closer.


No information about speed, battery life, powertrain characteristics, or even a release date was included in this week’s production announcement. However, Polestar is firm in its commitment to a forthcoming release. With this, they hope to avoid the comments of “hey, it looks like Volvo’s design” that plagued the Polestar 1 and 2. Have anticipation. Hold tight until the next Polestar!