Steph Curry singing misery business with Paramore was some alternate universe type shid

NBA superstar Stephen Curry sing Misery Business with Paramore in San Francisco

You never know what will happen at a Paramore show, but few people could have imagined that one of the most famous NBA point guards ever would join the band on stage to sing Misery Business as a duet. And yet, that’s exactly what happened when the emo stars played their most famous song live at the Chase Center in San Francisco last night (Monday, August 8).

Before playing the last bridge of their most famous song from the 2000s, Paramore brought out Steph Curry, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors and a four-time NBA winner and two-time MVP. The crowd at the Chase Center went wild. The 18,000-seat arena, which opened in 2019 with two special Metallica shows, is where the Warriors play their home games, so it’s likely that many people there had seen Steph Curry before. Still, this was definitely not what I expected.

“As soon as Steph takes the mic, this show is no longer about Paramore. It’s about Steph Curry, okay?” Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, says before handing the mic to Curry in a video that has since been posted on social media. Curry then takes the lead on Misery Business’s “I watched his wildest dreams come true…” refrain. As a reward, he gets a burst of confetti, and he, Paramore, and a few thоusand fans all start jumping around.

Hayley Williams recently made news when she slapped a fan who was being condescending and said that she didn’t work as hard as other rock stars. After saying that going on tour in her mid-30s was much harder than when she was a teenager, Williams seems to have gotten some negаtive feedback. One guy on Twitter said that bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica still tour even though they are “much older than you love.”

As anyone can see from the video above, Hayley Williams still seems to love what she does.