Stephen spends his 12th wedding anniversary on a wonderful beach trip with his adoring wife

My Woman. I Love you more than you know. I’m thankful for every experience we have shared together. The highs, the lows, the ways life has brought us closer together through it all. God continues to bless us. You have brought me so much joy and happiness from day 1. Let’s keep going. More! I love you! #12 @ayeshacurryJuly 30, 2011 ➡️ July 30, 2023




Lakers superstar LeBron James’ youngest son may make head-turning move ahead of junior season

Bryce James, a four-star forward in the Class of 2025, is increasing his own activities as his father, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, and his family deal with USC guard Bronny James’ latest health concern. Bryce is 16 years old.

Bryce is considering transferring from Sierra Canyon High School, although he may end up attending Notre Damҽ High School in Sherman Oaks instead of Campbell Hall High School in North Hollywood. He may play alongside four-star point guard Mercy Miller, the son of famous rapper Master P, if he transferred to Notre Damҽ High School.Last year’s 27-10 Notre Damҽ Knights team was led in scoring by Caleb Foster (21.4 ppg), Dusty Stromer (17.3 ppg), and Mercy Miller (17.1 ppg). Miller shot 45 percent from the field and 39 percent from beyond the arc, and he also averaged 8.8 rebounds and 1.5 steals a game.However, while transferring to Notre Damҽ would put James in a company with some of the best young players in the country, transferring to Campbell Hall would provide him a greater chance to develop his skills. Unlike the Knights, the Vikings of Campbell Hall only had one player last year who averaged more than 17 points per game. In addition, in 2022-23, not a single Vikings player had a field goal percentage of better than 35%.

Finally, Milwaukee Bucks star guard Jrue Holiday — and brothers Justin and Aaron — all attended Campbell Hall, which may or may not influence Bryce’s opinion of their basketball program. James’s motivation to go up a level would increase if he knew he could get some hands-on training from the defensive-minded brothers.