Sunny Smiles in the Cold: Siya Kolisi and Family’s Memorable Beach Getaway in France, Defying the 13°C Temperature

Captain Siya Kolisi and his family enjoyed a wonderful beach excursion in France despite the low temperature of 13°C.

According to IOL, the Kolisi family decided for the spectacular Moyeni Lodge as their getaway. It is nestled away on the serene San Sebastian peninsula in the breathtaking Mozambique Archipelago.

There were a lot of amazing moments throughout their vacation to Mozambique. The “Kolisi clan” ate brunch on the beach while basking in the sun while donning swimwear and admiring the seaside charm. Boat trips and other exhilarating activities added even more excitement to their vacation.

The Kolisi family’s recent adventures are followed by this trip in Mozambique. They visited Cape Town earlier this month and marveled at the beauty of KwaZulu-Natal’s Phinda Game Reserve in October.

The photos and videos that Siya Kolisi and Rachel share on their Instagram accounts seem to be a happy place, as they portray the sweet moments and priceless memories that they created during their retreat in Mozambique.