Sylvester Stallone writes breakup texts on behalf of his daughters

In Hollywood, actor Sylvester Stallone is an admired figure in both his career and personal life. He is a famous muscular actor, has a stable marriage and 3 beautiful daughters.


Sharing in a recent interview, Sistine Stallone (24 years old) – daughter of actor Sylvester Stallone – said that her father is a dating consultant for girls: “Our father is a professional. In the eyes of our children, he is involved in the dating industry. In fact, he is the one who wrote the farewell messages for us.”

Sophia Rose Stallone (26 years old) added: “From my experience, I advise girls to look to their fathers for advice in dating. Especially, when they need to say goodbye, their fathers will give the most effective advice to girls because only men truly understand men.

Our fathers often wrote farewell messages for us, and the other person’s reaction was never angry. Men’s straightforwardness turns out to be most effective in difficult situations.”

He is very good at helping his daughters say goodbye, but actor Sylvester Stallone is commented by his daughters as always being distant and cold towards their boyfriends. Sophia Rose revealed: “Every time we bring our boyfriends home to introduce them to our family, our father always acts distant and cold.

He just stood in the corner of the house, said nothing and deliberately made the boys feel shy, tense, and awkward. Our father even used different techniques to make the boys feel stressed and scared. I asked my father: “Why do you have to do that?”.

He replied: “In just the first few minutes of meeting, we can immediately read a guy. We can predict whether the relationship will last or not. Of course, we won’t waste much time doing anything. This is the fastest way to challenge a guy’s psychology.” I realized that every time my father made comments about our boyfriends, he was right.”

In his third marriage with former model Jennifer Flavin, actor Sistine Stallone has three daughters. Besides Sophia Rose and Sistine, he also has his youngest daughter, Scarlet Rose Stallone (21 years old). Actor Sylvester Stallone only shows “gentleness” to his youngest daughter’s boyfriend, who are young men still studying at university.

The beauty of the three Stallone daughters has been known for a long time. Currently, actor Sylvester Stallone and his wife and their three daughters are appearing together in a reality TV show revolving around the topic of family life called The Family Stallone . This show has just officially debuted to the audience and there are currently plans to continue with part 2 due to the great interest in the show.

This reality show is considered a way for the Stallone family to promote the business activities they are pursuing, while also helping the family’s three daughters become more known to the media and the public.

Actor Sylvester Stallone (76 years old) and former model Jennifer Flavin (54 years old) met in 1988. They officially married after 9 years of being together. Currently, former model Jennifer Flavin has her own skin care product line.

The Stallone family’s daughters all intend to join showbiz even though they have not clearly shown any special artistic inclinations. The reality TV show that exploits family life is a way for them to join showbiz in the same way that the Kardashian family did and was very successful before.

Actor Sylvester Stallone believes that making a reality TV show is more difficult than acting in a movie: “Actually, my experience shows me that making a reality TV show requires a lot of effort.” strength, more than when filming a movie.

The difficulty comes from the fact that everything happens quite spontaneously, not everything is planned in advance, sometimes unforeseen things arise, but that also makes everything more interesting and demanding. Participants must have improvisation skills.”