Thomas Tuchel was heartbroken when he was sacked by his old club in an instant

New head coach of Bayern Munich, Thomas Tuchel in his latest press conference opened up to the media about the…

Bayern Munich ‘hurry’ replace coach because of Man City?

Why did Bayern Munich hurry to remove coach Nagelsmann?

Ten Hag received ‘declaration’ from Tuchel right after Bayern set him as manager

Coach Thomas Tuchel has arrived as Bayern Munich’s captain after a short absence after his expulsion from Chelsea.

Tuchel come to Bayern ‘accidentally геvеаιеԀ’ the star close to joining Man Utd

Tuchel’s departure exposed the blockbuster on the way to Manchester United.

The ideal candidate for the number 7 shirt was selected by Real Madrid

After Ronaldo, Real Madrid seems to have found a worthy owner to inherit the legendary number 7 shirt.

‘Destroy evidence’, Tuchel’s ex-wife ‘denounce’ Chelsea, гҽvҽαlеԀ the story behind Tuchel fired

Tuchel’s ex-wife гҽvҽαls why Tuchel was fired by Chelsea.