The Chevrolet Corvette Wаgon Does Exist!

When Chevrolet unveiled the C7 Corvette in 2013, the venerable tuning company Callaway unveiled a beautiful shooting brake version of the American sports car.

The stunning car, known as the AeroWagen, gave enthusiasts hope that a car could possess sports-car performance, jaw-dropping aesthetics, and the body design of a wagon, the best sort of body style ever created.

When 2016 arrived, Callaway had promised that the AeroWagen will go on sale before the year was out. Well, 2016 came and went, and the shooting break remained undetectable. In 2017, the CALLAWAY kit to convert any C7 Corvette into an aerowagon is available.

The modification kit, which is available on all C7 Corvettes, including the Grand Sport and the insanҽ Z06, is far easier to use than it initially appears. Simply put, Callaway replaces the standard Corvette’s hitchback with the AeroWagen assembly.

The assembly uses many of the same original parts from the stock hitch, as well as a single piece of carbon fiber with a wraparound piece of glass. The retrofit keeps the Corvette’s convertible top’s functionality and doesn’t call for any modifications to the car. It just bolts on.

While it might seem inexpensive to add a single piece of carbon fiber and some glass to the back of a Corvette, that is not the case. The standard kit, as the tuning company is happy to strҽss out, starts at $14,990 and includes their carbon-fiber aerospoiler. It will cost an additional $2,980 to have the shooting brake kit painted to match the color of the car.


That’s a lot of money for what appears to be a basic kit, but we’re talking about a Corvette shooting brake here. We shout “take my money already!” at the computer screen in response to the images.

Owners of Corvettes can already order the kit since Callaway has begun to accept orders; installation is scheduled to occur at the tuner’s facilities in California and Connecticut. Authorized Callaway retailers can also execute the installation if those are too far away.