The sheer magnitude of DJ Khaled’s expenditures to acquire the world’s most exorbitαnt possessions makes it unfathomable to tally the amount of money involved

Take a look at DJ Khaled’s 10 most expensive things.

Fans of cars can only dream of having as many cars as DJ Khaled does. He is very attractive because of his fleet of Rolls-Royces. In a 2011 music video, he drove a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which shows how rich and stylish he is.

DJ Khaled lives in a fancy house. He is interested in real estate, and listing his $8 million home is just one example. His $25.9 million Miami waterfront home, on the other hand, gets all the attention. This fancy house has an 80-foot pool, five bedrooms, and a guest house, all of which show how big and crαzy he is.

DJ Khaled is a very big fan of sneakers. His 500 pairs are shown on shelves that go all the way around in a room that was made just for him and his strong sense of style.

Jewelry: DJ Khaled’s jewelry shows off his bold style choices. His love of big chains and rings shows how fearless he is about fashion.

DJ Khaled loved watches so much that he wore a $300,000 watch with diamonds all over it. Because he loves nice watches so much, he now has seven Hublot types.

Legacy of Luxury: DJ Khaled bought his son a $100,000 watch and small luxury cars as a gift.

Generosity and Grandeur: DJ Khaled gives his friends, teammates, and high school kids lots of gifts.

Because DJ Khaled has a huge music business, he can take fancy holidays in the Caribbean and post about them on social media.

DJ Khaled flies in style on private jets, which makes him look even bigger than life.