The Unexpected Way Ayesha Curry Helps Steph Curry De-Stress

Being one of the greatest basketball players of your generation is not easy… especially if you fail to live up to expectations when it comes to results on the court. That was the case with Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors were defeated by the Lakers in this year’s Western Conference semifinals.

Despite his efforts, Curry was unable to get his team over the line and repeat the successes of last year’s NBA season.

The player has since been taking some time off and to take his mind off his team’s failure, he’s been spending time with wife Ayesha.

In fact, Ayesha posted a video on her Instagram on Friday in which she was seen spending some quality time with Steph in rather unexpected fashion.

The two decided to spend some time smashing things up. Don’t be alarmed, they weren’t doing anything illegal. In fact, the couple went to a facility which allows you to de-stress by destroying unwanted objects.

In the video, the pair smashed things up to their hearts content in which was surely an important destressing exercise. It’s likely that all that tension caused by the NBA disappointment has now been removed.