Triumph and Opulence: Burna Boy’s Award-Winning Streak Shines Bright in Lagos, Nigeria

Rap has been a powerful vehicle for rhythmic expression for a long time. However, NPR claims that it originated with 1970s block parties in New York City.

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Four over Four claims that the true origins of rap may be found in West Africa, when storytellers used it to narrate their stories over the sound of a drum beаt.

The New York Times claims that Burna Boy, whose true nаme is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, is one rapper who embodies this rich tradition. H

In the same way that early West African historians used music to tell stories about the past, present, and future, Nigerian singer Burna Boy does the same.

Although Burna Boy had early setbacks in his career, such as label concerns in 2015 and being shunned by influential people in his own country (African Glitz), his fortunes turned a remarkable turn around in 2018.

The Fader asserts that an unforeseen development led to Burna Boy’s breakthrough. The album he released in 2018 featured the song “Ye.”

It’s interesting to note that Kanye West released his album “Ye” around the same period. Several of Kanye’s fans who were searching for his album decided to check out the rest of Burna Boy’s repertoire after hearing his song.



As a result, the Nigerian artist’s profile skyrocketed on a global level. In 2022, Burna Boy has solidified his reputation as a widely respected musician both domestically and globally.