Victor Wembanyama insists Britney Spears saga will not distract him

Victor Wembanyama insists Britney Spears saga will not distract him as he makes his hugely anticipated Spurs debut on Friday night: ‘I’m lucky – enjoying the moment’

Even though Victor Wembanyama became involved in a dispute with Britney Spears in Las Vegas, he claims he is still focused on basketball and his first-ever San Antonio Spurs game on Friday night.

While Wembanyama, 19, and accused attacker Damian Smith were spotted walking ahead, Spears, 41, was seen approaching the NBA’s newest star as she entered Catch restaurant in the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas, supported by her husband Sam Asghari, 29.

When Spears went to meet the Frenchman, she claims a security guard “back handed me in the face” and “nearly knocked me down.”

Wembanyama responded to the Spears incident in the casual manner for which he is already well-known, joking that he initially believed someone was “joking” until he learned that the person who he claims “grabbed him from behind” was Spears.

But the Frenchman isn’t letting it get in the way of his preparation to play in the NBA Summer League as a Spurs player for the first time. “I am eager. Wembanyama rҽvealed on Thursday that he couldn’t wait for his debut. The recent practices have been really rigorous.

With the draft and other things, I had to take a brief break from basketball and couldn’t really practice. I am eagerly anticipating getting back in shape. I’m having a great time.The more I think about it, the more fortunate I am to be here. Just being here makes me joyful. savoring the present.

Gregg Popovich was questioned about the advice Wembanyama is receiving from him as his basketball career in the United States gets started. The Spurs play the Charlotte Hornets on Friday.

Being who I am, stated Wembanyama. Nobody should be concerned about me not being myself.

It’s crucial to maintain a sense of just being myself, having fun, and experiencing things when entering a new place.

Since winning is what matters when the season begins, now is the time to experiment on the court.

One of basketball’s most anticipated prospects in years, Wembanyama, said that Spears grabbed him from behind.

Wembanyama claimed, “I didn’t see what happened since I was walking straight and we were ordered, ‘Don’t stop. “But that person grabbed me from behind, not on my shoulder, and I just know the security pushed her away,” the victim said.

I’m not sure how strongly, though. Security, though, pushed her away. I didn’t pause to look so I could enter and partake in the lovely dinner.

The Spurs rookie claimed that until hours later, he had no idea who the woman who approached him was.

‘At first I thought, ‘No, you’re kidding,”’ he admitted. But, indeed, it was Britney Spears, as it turned out.