Victor Wembanyama officially measures

NBA Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama officially measures in at 7-feet-3½ inches, meaning the Spurs phenom has grown a half inch in the past eight months

Victor Wembanyama is on track to finish the season as the second-tallest player in the NBA after receiving an official height of 7-312 inches, the Spurs said on Wednesday.

When he was in Las Vegas in October for two exhibition games against Scoot Henderson’s G League Ignite, Wembanyama claimed to be 7 feet 3 inches tall.

Wembanyama was still playing with his side Metropolitans 92, which reached the Pro A league championships in France, while the majority of his NBA Draft competitors had their official measurements taken at the draft combine in May.

Wembanyama’s height was given as 7’4″ in the NBA Draft league handbook.

And a February 2011 ESPN article said that he was 7 feet 5 inches tall when wearing shoes.

He falls 1.5 inches shy of it according to his official measurement with the Spurs, which was taken without shoes on.

Only Boban Marjanovic (7-4) will currently play next season with a height greater than the teen.

Although Wembanyama will be taller than the majority of his contemporaries, he is not the tallest player in NBA history.

Yao Ming, a member of the Hall of Fame, played at 7-6 while Gheorge Muresan and Manute Bol both stood at 7-foot-7.

The Las Vegas summer league is where Wembanyama will make his Spurs debut next month.