Warriors of the Golden State Chris Paul faces criticism for his dubious dιrty move against a well-known NBA player

The Golden State Warriors knew what they were getting when they signed Chris Paul because they were looking for the player who could win them another championship before the days of Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry came to an end.

There is no denying Paul’s leadership, skill, and experience. His intense competitiveness helped him become an NBA star, but it has also gotten him into problems over the years, as it did on Sunday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Chris Paul is charged with manipulating Mike Conley Jr.

Early in a back-and-forth game marked by technical fouls for Jonathan Kuminga and Naz Reid, CP3’s play on a loose ball attracted the attention of watchful spectators. As Paul dove to get the ball that was up for grabs in the paint, he came into contact with Mike Conley of the Timberwolves.

Before angling his dive to draw contact and draw a foul on Conley for the play, he seemed to glance at Conley. Paul immediately went after the 36-year-old veteran guard’s legs in the process; it was a risky play that social media users swiftly condemned.

оne news аggregаtоr оn X, fоrmerly Twitter, wrоte, “Chris Pаul is sо Ԁirty аnԀ he Ԁоes it nоnchаlаntly like nо оne will nоtice,” in а pоst thаt receiveԀ 2.5 milliоn views.

On X, someone said, “He ought to be suspended for that.”

Another user retorted, “Diving into Mike Conley too is just sick.”

Is Chris Paul a dishonest athlete?

Paul is well-known, as seen by the response on social media. He was listed by Bleacher Report as the second-dirtiest player in the NBA back in 2012, and he has only proven it in the ensuing ten years.


In response to the Conley incident, user NYKnicksPodcast on X stated, “I don’t know why he gets a pass for doing stuff like this.” “He’s been doing stuff like this his whole career and people still love him.”

Alan Horton, a Timberwolves radio commentator, stated on social media that it was “CP3 doing CP3 things,” and he said it was just as obvious in person.