When Tyga drove a purple Lamborghini to court to argue for Blac Chyna’s child custody, it garnered notice

Rapper Tyga made news when he and his ex-partner, model and businesswoman Blac Chyna, pulled up to court in a bright purple Lamborghini for a child custody hearing. It was a scene out of a Hollywood blockbuster.


The ex-couple, who have a kid named King Cairo Stevenson, caused a frenzy of excitement among the waiting paparazzi when they were spotted together entering the courts. Tyga’s choice of vehicle made a big impression since the striking purple Lamborghini brought a little opulence to what is usually a somber and private event.

Since their split, Tyga—real name Michael Ray Stevenson—has actively participated in co-parenting with Blac Chyna. Their co-parenting agreement is anticipated to be discussed at length during the child custody court, with topics including visiting plans and financial assistance.

Social media was abuzz following the rapper’s daring arrival in the opulent sports car, as admirers and spectators shared pictures and expressed shock at the unusual choice of automobile for such a solemn occasion. The purple Lamborghini, which is renowned for its svelte lines and powerful engine, provided a striking contrast to the court’s formalities.

Even though the ex-couple has seen ups and downs, Tyga and Blac Chyna seem committed to maintaining their unity while navigating the legal system.